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Biminitops for motor yachts

manual - semi-automatic - automatic

A biminitop is not only a sun protection, but a useful supplement for every boat. No matter whether it is on a sport boat, the afterdeck of a river boat or the flybridge of a luxury yacht – once installed, you never want to miss a biminitop again.

In the standard implementation the functional frame of the biminitop is opened and closed manually. Especially for bigger biminitops the semi-automatic version is a very suitable one as it supports the opening and closing of the biminitop.

In the high-end field we offer you with the NAUTI SATTLER E-Bimini a fully automatic version, which is driven by engines and opens and closes the biminitop silently by pushing a button.

The frame construction is manufactured in our in-house stainless steel locksmith's shop individually for your yacht. We use AISI316 stainless steel tubes with a diameter for that up to 60 mm.

A great number of canvas is in different colours for the selection. As a equipment variant we offer for every biminitop the possibility of glass foil all around the biminitop.