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Automatic camper cover constructions

mechanical - electrical - hydraulic

First there was the idea. After one year of design, developing and testing NAUTI SATTLER could introduce its fully automatic camper cover for motorboats and yachts at the „boot” in Düsseldorf in 2002. With this redesign we aroused great interest, both on the part of well-known and international shipyards and on the part of private boat owners.

These camper covers are for fast, luxurious motor yachts especially constructed that they open themselves automatically on button pressure and tighten themselves silently above the control desk, the flybride or the coffee table on the after deck. The drive operates via different variants - mechanically, electrically or hydraulically. The energy is generated over the boat electronic or the hydraulics.

All parts are produced in-house, also the frame constructions come from the in-house stainless steel locksmith's shop.

Of course all drive elements are splash-water proofed. Stainless steel gas pressure dampers built-in into the frames support the middle frames, so that the opening and closing runs quiet and secure.

Perfection in the very detail!

Watch the precision in action:

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